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"This has to be the most inclusive possible way of conducting online workshop/seminar style teaching from the perspective of low bandwidth requirement. It also has the advantage of being 'semi-synchronous'. "


"As for my evaluation of this programme, I would definitely recommend it. It has been well-organised, thought-provoking, and informative. It has dealt with the important regulations in detail - including the grey areas, referred to great resources like the case studies and various videos, and covered a lot of relevant issues from multiple perspectives, which has been illuminating.

The Google Docs approach was new to me but has also proved very useful, apt for lockdown, and inclusive. I felt much more comfortable joining in like this, and I can retain and review all the tips and insights without worrying about taking notes throughout."

" …everyone contributing ideas - it has made for a really informative and interesting couple of days."


" I felt no pressure to engage in the activities; and this made the whole process more organic. Best features:
Very flexible and can be done at one's own pace to an extent
The videos and variety of opinions/suggestions/ideas

Multi-tasking and seeing live composing of others."


" Currently people are getting online overload with face to face delivery ."


" I would definitely recommend the programme. The best bits were the flexibility (I have found the option to dip in and out really useful, as I struggle to get a day or two entirely meeting-free otherwise!) and seeing the variation in experiences, perspectives and regulations. I also really valued being able to work through and think about all the complexities in a relaxed way. I've read the University PGR regulations repeatedly (and quite carefully!) since I started supervising and I still hadn't got much of it to stick or really understood the implications for examining…"

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