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Doctorate Detached

Many doctoral candidates do not attend institutional induction courses. Caring or family responsibilities, employment, venue accessibility, travel cost, environmental impact etc may make attendance unrealistic for even the most committed doctoral student. Far from lacking motivation, for some students attendance can be unrealistic when passion for research has to be balanced against day to day obligations…

We are launching an innovation to address this


Personal tutor: John Wakeford

Maximum of 12 participants  

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Dates 2019

Online Course Monday 16th to 22nd November 2019

Seven days on-line tutor-led discussion of the main challenges for UK doctoral students - particularly those working off-campus for much of their time and probably at an early stage of their degree.

It will be assumed that specialist academic advice and guidance are being provided by supervisory teams at the university. Most other aspects of the doctoral process can be raised on this course.

Course fee £95 (no vat).

£15 of this will go to a charity to help students struggling with stress and other mental health issues e.g.https://www.studentminds.org.uk