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Successful bidding seminar experiences

John Wakeford has the knack of getting his students to learn from each other, while at the same time handing out valuable nuggets of wellresearched information. We came away energised and full of ideas... He and his excellent and versatile team trained two of our staff, and, having been successful with our first bid, we are sending a third, as these courses really are first class and a very sound investment.

Suzanne Bardgett, Head of Research, Imperial War Museum

The seminars really concentrate the mind by putting the participants in the role of assessors and by providing a great deal of helpful feedback on draft applications. I went along with an early version of an application, which, after revision, has now been funded by the AHRC.

Professor Gill Rye, Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London

Just to let you know, that following the advice I received at the ‘making a successful grant proposal’ course, when you, Robert and Sarah gave me feedback on an unsuccessful ESRC bid, I resubmitted and heard a couple of weeks ago that I have been successful in getting a substantial First Grants award for a three year project. It was the feedback I got on the course that gave me the confidence to resubmit rather than go elsewhere. So a huge thank you to you, Robert and Sarah for your advice

Dr Fran Martin, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Exeter

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